Lesson 9

English Notes
BSL Video

Lesson nine focuses on discussing relatives and friends, and the content column provides details related to the family, the extended family and in-laws. In this lesson, students learn how to refer to their family members and also how to describe what they look like and their characters. The linguistic content column provides information about the linguistic features that students will need to acquire, such as the facial expressions related to talking about the family and the specific use of syntax that is required in order to describe people correctly. It also refers to other key features, such as the use of aspect and manner, non-manual features, classifiers, referencing, placement, and use of verbs that students will need to learn to use correctly in order to be able to converse on this topic. 

The cultural content provides information relating to Deaf families and discusses the issue of deafness being passed down through generations genetically, as opposed to the 90% of deaf children being born into hearing families. This content is similar to the information provided in the lesson on 'the family', but lesson nine looks at the topic in a great deal more depth. The learning outcomes provide the information that students will be expected to learn in order to converse about family members and friends in detail, which will be further developed later, when they learn to sign about people in general. Do remember that this framework is only an example, and you do not have to follow it rigidly. You can use as much or as little of it as you wish.

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