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If you are teaching BSL, you must, of course, have strong BSL, and you must be able to use it fluently.

However, there is more to teaching than just being able to use BSL. You should also have knowledge of the linguistics of BSL: that is, how the language works. ‘The linguistics of BSL’ means how BSL grammar works, how signs are made and how they are put together in BSL structure; how signs change to alter meaning, and so on.

There are 18 linguistics notes below and a glossary.

Linguistic notes

1. Introduction

2. The Linguistics of Sign Language

3. What is British Sign Language?

4. How does BSL fit into the World's Languages?

5. The Structure of Words, Gestures and Signs

6. Morphemes in BSL

7. Verb Types in BSL

8. Language Change

9. BSL Borrowing from English

10. Sign Language Storytelling and Narratives

11. Humour in BSL

12. Sign Language Poetry

13. Mouth Patterns

14. Rules of Fingerspelling

15. Questions & Negation

16. Socially unacceptable signs

17. Marking Time in BSL

18. Syntax

19. Glossary

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