Teaching Methods part 2

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Teaching Methods part 2
Putting the CLT method aside, we will now look at another method of teaching that the project has identified, called 'TBLT' - 'task based language teaching'.  This approach involves ascribing tasks to the students that relate to the theoretical underpinnings of the curriculum and tasks continue to be given as the course progresses.  We were able to identify many curricula that adopt this approach of giving tasks to students to focus on.  There are some language teaching theorists who have noticed that this teaching method can be expanded and is flexible.  They say that it is interesting but does seem to have some limitations.  
For example, once one task is completed, there does not seem to be a natural follow-on task and so there is no natural progression of learning through the tasks.  So there are some concerns about this method because it requires very clever planning and the teacher has to be very effective in applying the order of the tasks.  It is not easy to learn a language in this way and although it has some benefits, it seems that teachers tend not to use this progressive task method alone but adopt a different teaching method, whatever it may be, and use the tasks to aid the teaching situation.
Once a teacher has mastered the method of task use, the tasks are used to help the students to understand the underpinnings of the course and this seems to be one of the aims of this method.   
So language teaching theorists tend to see this approach as needing more time in order to be a good method.  There is no specific reference that says which curriculum a specific course should use but the team here have recognised that this method does have some uses.


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