Teaching Methods part 6

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Teaching Methods part 6
In other areas, the research identified a method of teaching that is becoming more widely used at the moment, called 'focus on form' (FOF).  Interestingly, some applied linguists are concerned that teaching has become too focussed on communication and are not paying attention to grammar.  Some linguists who have considered this issue in depth have noticed that attention to form is appropriate, as it combines grammar with communicative elements to enable the underlying aims of the course to progress.  
What is also interesting is that of all the teaching methods that we have discussed so far, only the CLT method makes use of FOF, incorporating it to support its approach. The TPR method, the natural approach and the other methods do not use it at all.  It would be too difficult to apply it to these methods, as they contain their own tasks and it would not be easy to combine them with the FOF method.  It is possible for the CLT method to make use of FOF, as it encourages students to focus on language use but uses grammar as an underlying principle.  Students skills are improved by attention to grammar and the CLT method aims to make production more grammatically correct as the course progresses.     

Again, when it comes to teaching methods, theorists are unsure about the FOF method, as it can be difficult to use by itself.  Some people do support it so we find several perspectives relating to this method.  Some research that was done recently has stated that this method is hard to condone as a single method but has accepted that it does offer some challenges.  It would seem that this approach needs to be used in conjunction with communicative methods so that the students learn how to use the language and learn the grammar alongside.  A good grasp of both, understanding how to use the language and knowledge of the grammar, is necessary for effective language learning.

This research team has agreed that this method would be beneficial to include in your curriculum, as it will enable you to incorporate knowledge of grammar in your teaching.

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